August 30, 2014
How one recovers from 18 miles this morning.. And yes, I’m wearing my compression sleeves and running skirt at the bar. #marathontraining #running #gobucks #shocktop

How one recovers from 18 miles this morning.. And yes, I’m wearing my compression sleeves and running skirt at the bar. #marathontraining #running #gobucks #shocktop

August 24, 2014
Running Sisters, PR’s, Steamy Temps & the Ruffle Dress!

This guy,MFL/Dad…was SO excited to get up at 4:30 to watch me race he had to make sure he had his bucket hat on before the sun even came up. God love him. Thank you to MFL, Hans, Midge, Steppy & B-Mac….also known as my family for coming out to watch/support today!


Warning- I apologize in advance for lots of pictures this week.

What a weekend. I took the day off work on Friday and enjoyed a nice   “Mental Health Day” code for: I had a long personal to-do list that I wanted to knock out before heading to Philly for work this week. I went for a pretty speedy run on Friday in order to beat the rain. My legs were feeling great and my body, overall, felt ready to race. I did cut back on my mileage last week and did a “mini taper” in order to have fresh legs! Here is a run down of last week’s workouts.

  • Monday- Easy 8
  • Tuesday- Easy 3 & upper body workout
  • Wednesday-REST
  • Thursday- Upper body workout #2
  • Friday- Easy 5
  • Saturday- REST
  • Sunday-Emerald City Half Marathon 13.1

Melissa, my new running sister, traveled from Indy with her friends Car & Marci to race Emerald as well. We enjoyed a nice carbed up dinner last night and finally met in person after a month or so of talking about running every day via text, e-mail, & snap chat:) She is fabulous, and so are Car & Marci!. We had a great time and not to mention…she PR’ed like a straight boss lady today by 10 minutes!!


                             So glad I got to watch you finish M!


                                        Me, Melissa, & Car

(Car met Melissa around mile 8 and pushed her along to her PR) awesome. Melissa, you’re going to do amazing at Indy’s Monumental Marathon!

Here are a few other action shots Midge captured during the race. They “practiced” their watching skills to get ready for Chicago and a mighty fine job they did.





As for me, I was content with my performance. Did I run as well as I would have liked? No. Was it hot as hell/muggy as all get out? Yes. Did my legs feel heavy for some odd reason? Yes. Did I still PR? Yes!! I beat my previous 1/2 time by 25 ish seconds. I had to remind myself that in the running world, PR’s are not easy and they can come down to seconds or even 100’s of a second, and race day weather has a lot to do with performance. So, overall, I was pleased but still know there is lots of room for improvement. Here is the race breakdown..I did back it down a notch around miles 8 & 9 because at one point my breathing pattern got a little out of whack so I wanted to ensure I gave myself time to get my rhythm back.


Last but not least, I think my entire weekend was made when I found a fancy new piece  to add to my wardrobe. Meet my new Ruffle Dress! I feel like a gigantic present and don’t hate it one bit. I’m off to the Cayman Islands two days after the marathon & you better believe I will be prancing around the island in this bad boy. Honest to god, it’s the softest thing ever…and I’m in love..Just ask Midge, a.k.a my momma! ( oh, and thank you Midge!)


  Ah yes,don’t mind my compression socks:) I love me a good RUFFLE!

I don’t know about you, but i’m ready for bed and it’s only 5:30. Time to finish up my’s back to Hansons bright & early tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for the ” good lucks” by the way. I adore the awesome tumblr running community.

Have a great week!


August 24, 2014
13.1 sweaty & humid PR miles today! #emeraldcityhalfmarathon  (at Emerald City Half Marathon)

13.1 sweaty & humid PR miles today! #emeraldcityhalfmarathon (at Emerald City Half Marathon)

August 23, 2014
It’s never too early to make sure you have all of your race day essentials☺️🏃 #emeraldcityhalfmarathon #runner #DALE  (at Courage abode )

It’s never too early to make sure you have all of your race day essentials☺️🏃 #emeraldcityhalfmarathon #runner #DALE (at Courage abode )

August 20, 2014
Corrals Anyone?

Chicago pals, does anyone have their start corral assignment yet? I thought they said profiles in the Athletes Center would be updated by August 1st? I’m assuming they are right on schedule……”sigh”. Just curious if anyone has received theirs yet.

Happy rest day to All my fellow Hansons nuts out there. Enjoy!

August 18, 2014
Race Week Treats!

What a Monday… I didn’t have time to recap yesterday so today will have to do. It was a long day….I wrapped up this lovely Monday  with 8 steamy miles this evening. Cardio wise, I was feeling great but, my legs were slightly heavy from a few aggressive weekend runs. On Saturday our pace group broke out into two groups. We had the option of running 10 miles at an easy pace or do 10 progressive miles. Since I’m running the Emerald City 1/2 Marathon this Sunday, I opted for the aggressive route and picked the progressive option. Our pace coach started out by saying ” when I do progressive, there really is no science to it- I just get faster” meaning…we were going to fly, no doubt. For all of you speedy runners out there, that’s quite fast for this girl’s legs! Let’s just say at mile 7 I looked down at my Garmin and it said a 6:49 pace. I about died. At that point, the entire run became a mental mind game and I just stopped looking down. My legs were BARKIN’! It was hands down the fastest I have run in a long time, if ever. It felt amazing, yet so hard at the same time. I am glad I pushed myself..i’m feeling more than prepared for the 1/2 on Sunday. I was pretty happy with my splits.


My plan of attack for Sunday’s race is to do just that-Race & run my little hiney off. I hope to run consistent 8’s until about mile 7 and then just bust it to the finish line. This is the first time I have raced since I started the Hansons plan, incorporating consistent speed and tempo work outs each week so, I’m really excited to hopefully see those pay off. The last 1/2, and only other 1/2 race I have completed, I ran a 1:45 so I’m hoping to beat that.

Training last week went very well. I finally got back to squatting on leg day with my trainer since my little back incident about a month ago. My booty was FEELIN’ it the next day, yowzers…Here is what the week looked like- mileage dropped back a bit too, which was much appreciated.

  • Monday: Easy 6
  • Tuesday: 3 x 1 mile repeats with 600 recovery/1 mile warm up & cool down & Upper Body Workout
  • Wednesday: REST DAY: MASSAGE DAY!..aka…drooling on a table.
  • Thursday: 8 mile tempo run at MP & Lower Body Workout
  • Friday: My legs were heavy and I was mentally drained, took an additional rest day.
  • Saturday: Progessive 10 miler
  • Sunday: Easy 7

I keep telling myself it is totally okay to take an additional day off when I need it for recovery. Being this is my first marathon, and I’ve decided to tackle the advanced Hansons Plan, I freakin’ deserve it!

Last week included lots of delicious greens for dinner. I have really been into my own creations lately. Lighter dinners seem to agree more with my stomach during the following morning’s early runs.image

To kick off race week I came home to an AWESOME mail day!! Midge sent me a box of goodies including this cute Ohio T-Shirt & card:) My mom, dad, step-dad &  Hans are headed down to watch the race Sunday. I always enjoy a nice fan club. My newest runner/blogger pal Melissa sent me the best inspiration any runner can wear on their wrist…the ” Boston” Alex & Ani bracelet! Hey, a girl can dream! One day kids, one day. Melissa is also traveling to Columbus from Indy to run Emerald with me! Super excited to finally get to meet her, she is a true gem!. Thanks Andi! xoxoxo!


Well, Chicago is a only 8 weeks away. I am so.gosh.darn.excited. I find myself zoning out a LOT visualizing the race and the finish line….I feel as though I may look something like this by the time it’s all finished….just maybe not as “pretty”….


Well, that’s a wrap! I leave you with a nice little selfie for good measure. I’m fairly confident last weekend was the first time I legit got dressed & did my hair for the first time in over a month…. something other than running clothes, a braided pony, and my garmin- It called for documentation.image

Have a great week ya’ll! Look for a race recap on Sunday!


August 10, 2014
Quick Draw Magic

Phew…what a week. It was a long one…and continues to be a long one. My current state of the state, in case anyone is interested….crockpot creation a brewin’, hard boiled eggs & cucumber/tomato salad made for the week, just whipped up a little blueberry loaf-all while sitting on a conference call with India. My multi-tasking skills in the kitchen are quickly improving.

Yesterday marked another milestone. 16 miles.1- 6..YIKES. It actually was really awesome. We incorporated a lot of hills into our run yesterday too. The first 7-8 miles was nothing but running through the Worthington Golf Course killing ourselves on the “W”. You literally go up and down, up and down…a lot! My hiney was screaming by mile 9 and I still had many more to go. Yesterday was also the first run with new hydration water bottle-Nathan. As mileage starts to peak into the 14/16/18/20 milers, it’s essential to either carry something with you or go the water belt route. I hate having things around my waist when I run so I opted for the water bottle instead. It’s quite nifty! Although we have water stations set up on Saturday’s for MIT, I wanted to experiment with a few different fueling options for the marathon due to my sensitive tummy.

                       The Nathan Quick Draw Water Bottle

-Highly recommend! There is even a little pocket to store gels, chews, small energy bars, or phone. There is an awesome slot for your hand to slip through and a tightening strap so that bad boy doesn’t go anywhere. I actually forgot I had it in my hand at times during my run. Good purchase indeed!-

As for this past week’s running recap… It went pretty well. No interruptions,no major aches or pains- which is always nice to report. I did however, go to bed two nights in a row at 7:00 p.m. YES, 7:00 p.m people. I think the 4:15 a.m alarm clocks are starting to catch up to me. As the weeks go on, morning workout mileage gets bumped up, which means more time needed, resulting in earlier alarm clocks. Naturally, I am a big time morning person so it really doesn’t bother me. Around 3-4 p.m I do start to feel the tiredness set in and my brain slowly start to shut down. I am really trying to listen to my body while I train so, when it says go to sleep, I do just that- Sleep

  • Monday-Easy 8 miles & metabolic assessment- Got my heart rate zones- yay!
  • Tuesday- Speed Work 6x800’s with 400 recovery & 1 mile warm up & cool down + Upper Body Workout
  • Wednesday- REST DAY
  • Thursday- Tempo Run: 8 miles at MP with 1 mile warm up & cool down + Lower Body Workout
  • Friday- REST DAY
  • Saturday- 16 miles LSD
  • Sunday- 8 miles Easy

Total Weekly Mileage: 48 miles

Mileage drops back this week which my legs will super appreciate. Tuesday marks T-minus 2 months until race day. I’m getting pretty jazzed! I actually have now found myself choking back tears TWICE while training. Yep, for those of you coming to watch me race & who read this blog- let me be the first to say..There will be an EXTRAVAGANT waterworks show when I cross that finish line. Don’t judge, let me have my moment & please have an adult beverage waiting & ready.

I was scrolling through pinterest the other day and found this.It was a nice reminder to keep pushing, keep fighting, work hard…& stay grounded.

Over & Out!


August 8, 2014
Dinner of champions for tomorrow morning’s 16 miler. Happy Friday!

Dinner of champions for tomorrow morning’s 16 miler. Happy Friday!

August 7, 2014
Early bed times are the best! I’m totally okay with my grandma status at age 25:)

Early bed times are the best! I’m totally okay with my grandma status at age 25:)

August 7, 2014
It was not a pretty 10 this morning but, it’s done! Good Luck with your run tonight:)

It was not a pretty 10 this morning but, it’s done! Good Luck with your run tonight:)

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